We are share space on Sunday mornings with the Resource Pantry! We serve the needs of our neighbors and community with the Resource Pantry during Open Pantry Hours, and partner together in other ways throughout the year.

We are beginning a new partnership between Family Mentor Foundation and two local schools to provide weekend meals for children. 

Asia's Hope provides families for orphaned children at high risk of sexual and economic exploitation in Cambodia, Thailand and India. We are now the sponsor for the Kalimpong 6 children in India. We are able to provide monthly donations for the needs of the children, and continually work to raise funds for their own home and staff. We hope to find other community partners to join with us to demonstrate love and care for these children. Food Trucks in the Park is our annual fundraiser for Asia's Hope. Enjoy pictures below from our May 2017 Event!

Ananie Munana is the pastor of Kinanira Vineyard Church - KVC (Bujumbura) in Burundi. We enjoyed time together in July of 2015 (during the Vineyard International Conference), and will partner together relationally to support one another.