We Make Space in Our Lives To:

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Connect with God

Ordinary people can develop a true connection with the Living God. We are wired to connect with Him in different ways, and are given the ability to do this through Jesus. Connecting with Him brings fullness and meaning to life!

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Connect with Others

Making time to share meals, develop relationships, support and encourage one another, and pray. We nurture our relationships and connections with each other. Contact information for our neighborhood community groups is here.

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Connect with Our Community

Sharing life together brings new perspectives, helpful experiences and integrated lives. We offer spaces to connect as neighbors, coworkers and friends through shared meals, book clubs, etc.  We are not a separate community, but fully integrated with those around us. We not only seek to bless, but receive freely from others because God can speak to us through anyone.


Connect with Our World

We love to see God's Kingdom come to this world. His love for all is Good News. He cares for the poor, orphans, widows, and strangers. We partner with other organizations globally, bringing healing and hope to the world.

Vineyard Church USA

Sacred Space Church is a part of the larger Vineyard Church USA movement.